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Yuehda Industry Co.,Ltd. is an excellent brand for steel processing that established in Taiwan. We have devoted in this industry over 40 years. We are now master in the processing of Structural Steel Frame, Girders, Structural Beams, miscellaneous steel structures, Bridge Scupper and "Metrodeck". We now also sell the used welding robot. We use automatic welding robot to do our processing programs to ensure that can maintain the products' quality in high precisely, accelerate the procedure and maintain the production capacity in stable.

We are a supplier and buyer at the same time so we have our own local industrial chain. Our goal is to build a "Win-Win" trade and keep in good touch with our business client. We think that doing a great trade just can't live without good relationship. Our company is very flexible in providing the needs to our different clients. We can do the design up to the steel manufacture and steel structure and still help our clients providing our manufacture according to their own plan. We always abide by the principle of "Customer First", "Technical Innovation" and "Top Quality".

We have the heavy manufacture experience of steel and stainless steel include: Heavy material handling equipment, Bridge components, Bridge scupper, Expansion joint, Baking enamel steel plate, Box column beam, Metro Deck, Watertight doors, Barge construction, Deck houses and Marine fabrication, Large steel cofferdam. Structural steel fabrication for vehicle factory, Stainless product, grating, H beam, U channel, Large Tanks, Vats and Hoppers. And now, we also have both new and used iron plate and used welding robot for sell.

Main product : Structural Steel Frame, Girders, Structural Beams, miscellaneous steel structures, Bridge Scupper, Metrodeck and Used Welding Robot.

If you are interested in the product or the service we have, please send to our e-mail. We will give you reply soon!Please feel free to contact us if you are interesting we'll reply you ASAP.

TEL: +886 37 743002
MOB:+886 953022070
E-mail: yuehda2222@gmail.com