Bridge hardware3
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  • Shear device

    Bridge embedded hardware, it can enhance the anti shear force ability to accomplish the shock resisting.

  • Bridge rail

    The bridge rail used to beautify the bridge look and block the bridge edge.

  • Bridge expansion joint

    The bridge expansion joint can be used on the bridge surfaceto avoid bridge breaking by the changeable climate. There is drainage system in it to solve the rainy problem.

  • Bridge anti-dropping device

    This device is used to avoid the bridge collapsing when suffer the big earthquake. It can provide strong support to link two bridge surface.

  • Anchor bolt

    Bridge embedded hardware. Its J-shape or L-shape will embed into the concrete when it installs on concrete base.

  • Bridge scupper

    It will be installed at the edge of the bridge deck. It helps the bridge remove the rain water.

  • Pipe supporter

    The supporter that installed at the side of the bridge to hold the drainage pipe.

  • Drainage pipe supporter Type C

    It can be installed side of the bridge.

  • 落水管支架B


  • 落水管支架A